Find the Right Catering Service

The food is integral to any event, therefore it is important that you choose a caterer wisely. The question is, how do you select the perfect caterer for your event? Doing research is crucial. Checking references and requesting samples are also important. Get the facts!

List your catering requirements. In order to get an accurate estimate from a caterer, you need to communicate clearly your needs. Have you reserved a place for your event or party? Do you have access to a nearby kitchen? The number of attendees at the event is important. If the caterer is interested, find out what their minimum number of guests are. Consider that you may need to cater for guests with special diets. What will it cost you to have a great caterer ready for anything that might come up? Ask.

What is the budget of your catering service?

Ask your caterer what the available options are and how much you can spend. Consider whether you’d prefer your guests to dine in silver service at the table or have a traditional buffet. You should be clear on your intended menu. Is there a particular theme to the event or style that you would like to see reflected? Your caterer’s flexibility may or not be determined by your budget. It is important to remember that it’s often the kind of food used in the caterer job which determines its bulk price. If the caterer is willing to give you an outline of the contract and how payment will work, ask them for one.

Where do caterers shop?

Are the recipes made with fresh or frozen foods? The produce is it local? Are the products organic? Any of the prepared dishes will be frozen before the event or party? Do you have anything from a canned? You know what happens! (Gasp).


Does the prospective caterer provide decorations, linens and tables/chairs? It is common for caterers to provide a service brochure with past examples of event decorations and tables. What you want and need from the caterer should be clearly defined. Do the menu boards that describe the ingredients in the meals being served have a description for guests?


Will they provide an employee to wait on customers? What is the dress code for their staff? What is the server-to-guest ratio? The rule is that one server should be assigned to every ten guests. You should ask the caterer you are considering if tax and gratuities will be included in your final quote.

What are the leftovers used for? On request, catering services often create food baskets for no extra charge to the hostess and host.

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