Flagpoles for commercial and residential uses

Amman in Jordan is the proud owner of the unsupported highest flagpole. The 416-foot tall pole made of carbon steel is 190,000. A flagpole this large requires a foundation of enormous weight – 600 tons or more. The foundation is bolted with 36 carbon steel bolts. With the flag attached, it can withstand wind speeds of up to ninety-mph. It was two years of work to create and construct the flag. Many corporations collaborated to make this possible, check here.

The engineering concepts for your flagpole project are not as difficult as it sounds, however, they are very similar.

The height of your flagpole and its size are the first things you need to decide. The flag’s length must be between 25-40% of pole’s height.

A commercial flagpole can typically be between thirty-five to thirty-five feet in height. You can make a big statement with a shorter flagpole if you’re only interested in decorating your front yard. For homes with one or more stories, a residential pole is placed at 20 to 25 feet.

The second key decision is the material of the pole. Flagpoles made out of aluminum or fiberglass offer the greatest durability. You can also find them in bronze and carbon. Wood is attractive, but it’s not the strongest. Wallmounted flags can be a great option. Fiberglass and bronze can come in virtually any color. Larger flagpoles can be made of stainless steel or carbon.

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