IT Managed Services and IT Consulting Services

Today, the information technology sector is booming. IT helps companies in different industries to increase their efficiency, optimize their business, and boost productivity. IT companies offer services to fit the business needs. IT Managed Services Vs IT Consulting Services. Know the Difference. Articles provides IT Consulting services, along with managed IT and support services. Examine these two services, IT Managed and IT Consultancy to better understand them, read full article.

What exactly is IT Managed Services?

IT Managed Services is the process of outsourcing to service providers one or more aspects related to IT support, management and administration. IT Managed Service providers are IT firms that have a group of specialists who specialize in certain domains. The client or company seeking the services owns the IT infrastructure. Only managed services are provided by the providers. Between the two parties, a contract is created that specifies metrics and criteria.

Small businesses and startups cannot hire an entire team of IT professionals to handle their infrastructure. For small or medium business, it’s hard to stay up-to-date with security updates and technology. It’s common that non-IT employees are forced into IT management research, consuming time and taking the focus away from other business aspects.

Examples Common Examples

Systems Management
Backing up and recovering data
Data Storage & Management
Monitor and manage network security
Human Resource Management
Software Maintenance, Development and Support

What do IT consulting services refer to?

IT Consulting Services refers to the practice of companies consulting experts in different areas of IT so that they understand best how they can achieve their business goals. IT technology or IT advisory consulting is the term used to describe this. This is essentially consultants giving advice and consulting to an organization. Staffing companies, IT firms and independent consultants are the three main types of consultants that work in the IT industry.

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