Quick and Festive Summer Meals

It’s summer and it should be easier to live – at least in your kitchen. Nature provides everything we need for simple, delicious, healthy meals. We just have to slow down enough to enjoy it. Dinnertime can take on an entirely new flavor with extended daylight hours. There’s no need to be annoying our kids about homework. Continue reading?

Enjoy these easy dinner ideas this summer. Even the most picky eaters will fall in love with these simple dinner ideas.

*Picasso’s Kitchen

Your palette should reflect the vibrant colors of summer fruit. On a large platter or tray, arrange slices watermelon, peaches and mango on a white plate. This gorgeous arrangement can be the centerpiece for your table. Place a few yogurt bowls around your table, so the hungry children can enjoy them. Add a loaf crispy French bread to the table by warming it and wrapping it in a decorative cloth. Place some sliced cheeses and smoked/roasted turkey slices (available at the deli counter), and you have a simple, yet elegant display that is good enough to eat.

*Participation in Key

Kids can participate in meal planning during the less structured summer months. It is likely that children will eat the carrots cut by their parents. With you as their sous chef, you might assign older children a specific night to prepare the menu. Consider giving them ideas like “breakfast for lunch” or “Mac-and-cheese night.” MomJunction.com has a great new social network site for moms. They recently shared a recipe for Mac and cheese that is easy and reliable.

Boil 8 oz. You can make small pasta. Then drain and stir in 1 Cup milk, 1 Tb butter, 1 1/2 C shredded cheddar, or 8 Oz. American cheese, salt, and pepper to suit your taste. Sprinkle some cheese on top. Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. Delicious and simple! !

Although you’ll need to help boil the pasta, other than that, it’s easy for children 8 and older. This recipe is even healthier if you add fresh or frozen peas to the pasta at the end of the cooking time.

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