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Paint Odors – How To Handle in Commercial Interiors

Although the modern paints don’t emit as much odor as oil-based ones, some people will react to any smell. Environmentally friendly paints, which have zero VOC or a very low level of VOC are almost scentless. Some people with breathing problems are unable to tolerate any wet type of paint. You should consider who will be visiting the shop when you are painting commercially. New paint fumes can be harmful to women who are pregnant. Researchers cannot determine the exact extent of any harm but this is a dangerous situation for women. Article source!

Make better paint choices. Volatile Organic Compounds will be lower for paints with higher quality. It will be stated on the label about how much VOC is in the paint. Comparing the numbers of the paint labels can help in your decision. Now, it is possible to buy zero VOC (volatile organic compound) paints that are more costly but have amazing advantages over traditional paints. Paints that are low VOC have fewer fumes and can be found in different colors.

Particularly for painting residential homes, the fumes produced by the paint will increase the wetter they are. While it is drying, it releases fumes that are called outgases. They will continue to release until the paint cures. The paint will continue to release fumes until it cures, which takes about a month. In order to speed up curing, it is best to have as much ventilation around the area that you are painting. As much as you can, open windows for cross-ventilation and place a fan on or near the window to push the smells outside.

Paint your walls as soon as possible to give yourself more breathing room before you close your windows in the evening. In humid conditions, paint tends to dry more slowly. Use a dehumidifier instead of a humidifier to speed up paint drying.