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Rock Garden Basics

Many people enjoy the tranquility and beauty of gardens. However, if you are like me, it is difficult to keep them alive and weeds away. I tried my hand at growing flowers that require a lot of attention. Then, after that failed, I tried another type of garden: a rock one. While this effort was better, I made some mistakes. I’ll share what I learned and what I didn’t. Perhaps you will have a happier time keeping your garden beautiful. You can see fake rocks for more information.

First, I got too excited about the planting and didn’t weed kill before I laid some type of black mesh groundcover. It has tiny holes, and weeds found their way through. You should spray weed killer in fall and then again in spring after you have decided where you want your rock garden to be.

I wanted mine to look like it was in a river bed. I used some small white rocks common in Oklahoma that were similar to gravel. But any type of river rock will do. Then I tried to plant an outdoor cactus indoors. They are usually the ones with yellow or pink flowery tops. They don’t do well outdoors, at least not for too long. However, I planted regular cactus in my garden, which is common in my area. They did well and didn’t even die in winter. They are very easy to maintain and require very little water. You will often find long, dry summers.

Flowering moss is another kind of flower I have planted. This variety is perennial and can grow to 3 inches high. They come in a wide range of colors. It is a wonderful groundcover. It’s a great ground cover.

I live in a rocky area, and was able find many different sizes of rocks on my land. They are mostly brown in color, with a few being white. If you live in an area with only brown rocks, you can paint the rocks white or any other color you like. Just make sure you use outdoor paint so that the color doesn’t get ruined. After gathering all my rocks, I created several areas to have my garden. Then, I planted different flowers and cactus on the sides of the spaces I had marked for my dry river bed. I used black plastic, which is easy to bend in different directions to keep the rocks in their place. This kind of material is easily found in any garden center. It’s important to weed-kill in the fall as well as in the spring to ensure that your garden isn’t overgrown with weeds. In my case, it took a lot to remove them once they started to grow. I ended up giving up on that garden because it was so bad.