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Predictive GPS Software Suites For Business Analytics

Before I retired, I was a franchisee in a mobile car-washing franchise bayanat. It was extremely difficult for our franchisees, who had to keep track of where their truck managers were at all time. If they weren’t there, they could be hiding behind McDonald’s with a big Mac in the back. It was impossible to see their location without a GPS tracking system. However, customers calling complaining about not receiving their regular services were irritated and upset. Now let’s discuss how GPS can benefit a mobile service provider for small businesses.

Geo Community News published an interest article on February 25, 2013, titled, “New Patent pending Technology Changes How Businesses Will Access & See Local Data & Information.” This piece discussed a patent filing. “This patent pending invention obtains real-time information from thousands for US regional and local markets and uses complex location based analytics to evaluate real estate properties. It uses computer-implemented technology to collect and compile geospatial and create an interactive visual representation of the data. It gives users access to 24-months of local predictive analytics, which can be used by businesses to make informed decisions about the purchase and sale or any other location-based transactions.

This is a great idea. Police departments use this type of analytic tool to predict crime and schedule patrols where it is most likely to occur. This allows them to respond faster and catch criminals. Philosophically, what is the difference between consumers purchasing something and criminals stealing it? Is that clear? Think about it. Ambulances usually drive to certain zones. Then they wait for someone calling and then rush the ambulance driver and paramedics over to the person in crisis. It saves time and money and allows for faster response times by knowing where their mobile ambulance units should be positioned. Similar applies if you have a fleet mobile car wash trucks and mobile detailing units ready for your next call. All the possible businesses that could benefit from this predictive GPS software. There are many uses for this software, and they are very much in demand.