The White House goes Flagpole Crazy

Perhaps you were inspired by the beauty of the White House’s flagpole to go looking for one. White House staff are very strict when it is time to raise the American flag. The sturdy flagpole atop of the iconic building represents the power, cohesion, and strength of our nation. It is built to be durable and withstand time. This is an overview of the various types of white house flagpoles: related site!

North Flagpole. It is an impressive 70-foot flagpole made out of Douglas fir. You can find it on the North Lawn and fly the American Flag there when needed.

South Flagpole. At sixty-five feet tall, South Flagpole measures slightly less than North Flagpole. Built of steel, it’s located near the Oval Office. On this flagpole the president of the United States flies his flag.

Old Glory, or the South Portico Flagpole of the White House is an Old Glory Pole. This flagpole is often used on Independence Day to raise the American flag. It stands at 45 feet in height, and it is made out of mahogany.

West Wing: Daily, the American Flag is raised at the West Wing’s flagpole. West Wing Flagpole. It’s 30 feet high and constructed of aluminum.

The garden flagpole of the first lady: In the First Lady’s Garden, a miniature flagpole is found. From this flagpole the first lady’s own personal flag will be flown. The First Lady’s Garden is what the flagpole’s name means. It’s only about 12 feet tall, and it is brass.

In order to create the American Flag display in front of the White House, all flagpoles were used. Each of them has its own unique function. It doesn’t matter whether the North Wing Flagpole has the elegance of the North Pole or the functionality of the West Wing, they were all built to endure and fly the flag with pride.

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