This guide is a comprehensive guide to local SEO for small businesses

It is true that local SEO has been deemed the “backbone” of small business. Today, we know how important it is to talk about and implement seo in smaller companies. Why? Why? Because it’s the secret weapon for growing regional scale. Since the digital world has become more prevalent, many small companies are seeking ways to expand. You can get the best guide on Cincinnati local seo.

Local SEO can be essential to smaller companies because it allows you to focus your search within a particular region. Your business can compete globally with other countries by using national SEO. If a business wants to first grow its digital business by targeting a “nearby audience”, they should choose local SEO. If you own a bakery and someone searches “best bakery near my location,” your local seo will help to make it visible on the first page, increasing the chances of attracting customers, and generating more leads.

You may not know, but according to the data from Wordstream 35% is all local search traffic. Traffic to your business may be lost. Focusing on local SEO can help you to counteract the larger brands’ advantage, who tend to optimize their keywords for broad terms and depend on recognition of brand instead of value propositions.

Local SEO is the best way to increase traffic and sales to small business websites and businesses. Here are five ways you can improve it right away!

1. Google My Business Account

Improve your Google profile (or business listing). It’s probably the fastest and most effective way to improve your site’s ranking on Google Maps. It will benefit you to have your website appear more prominently in Google Maps’ local search results. Google My Business is required if you are looking to boost your Google profile. You must complete the information in your account once you have registered your account. The data that you input will appear in your local search.

You should optimize your Google profile.

Create an account with GMB and confirm your ownership
Updating information on your account is important.
Encourage your customers to review your profile.
Always reply to customers with a polite and professional voice.
Publication of all important information and content

2. Customers are happy to provide positive reviews and feedback

The customers are the foundation of your business. So, make sure to give them genuine service. Customer feedback is important to your account. Your Google My Business page will be optimized if you can get your local customers write positive reviews about your business. This also helps to encourage more people to shop with you.

How to earn the highest ratings from your customers

Encourage each person to post their opinions and comments.
Always reply politely to existing reviews.
Your customers will appreciate a message or email that says “please send us your feedback”.

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