Venti was born with which girl?

Venti and Barbara have a lot less interaction, but they still have some interactions and voicelines. Venti refers to Barbara as “the darling deaconess” and praises her singing voice. Venti questions the Traveler about Barbara and asks about her meet and greets as well as her concerts. Venti probably answers the Traveler at one point, but their response wasn’t recorded on his voiceline. Visit this site.

Barbara says Venti’s voice is incredible, but she thinks Venti sings songs she can do better at than the ones he sings. Barbara says that she tried to learn the melodies, but it was too difficult for her.

After Dvalin was defeated by the Traveler the Traveler, Paimon Jean, Venti and Venti went to St. Peter’s Cathedral to present the Holy Lyre Der Himmel. Barbara was surprised when the Holy Lyre Der Himmel was broken. She tried to forgive Barbatos. Venti was indeed Barbatos. The fanbase laughed at Barbara’s inability to see Barbatos was already there.

Venti took the Holy Lyre Der Himmel, fixed it. Barbara was relieved to see the Holy Lyre Der Himmel fixed. Barbara told them that they would never be allowed to touch the Holy Lyre Der Himmel again. Venti told Jean, Paimon, and the Traveler that the magic he used in fixing it wouldn’t last forever. The three were shocked to hear this. Venti ran, and the Traveler chased after him. Paimon was also following him.

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